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Sone Htauk Magazine (Dec 2011)
Sone Htauk Magazine (Dec 2011)
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Kyae Ni Yaung Ah Chit & Short Stories
Kyae Ni Yaung Ah Chit & Short Stories
Latest Updates more
Kyae Ni Yaung Ah Chit & Short Stories
Kyae Ni Yaung Ah Chit & Short Stories
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How do I buy books at GoldenMyanmar?

Here are the steps that will help you to shop at GoldenMyanmar online store.
1) click on any title that you wish to buy.
2) click on "Add to cart" that is at the bottom of the picture.
3) Do the step 1 and 2 again to add as many as you want.
4) Click on "My Cart" to see what you have selected.
5) Then click on "Checkout" to buy the titles in your shopping cart.
6) If you haven't registered with us, please click on "Continue" to register.
7) Double check the shipping address and click on "Continue"
8) Choose a payment option that you wish to pay and then click "Continue"
9) Click on "Confirm order". That's it.

What is referral system in

The referral system in works as follow:

1) to earn points, you must send emails to your friends you know and inform them to use your email address when they shop at

2) You will earn one point every time a friend of yours shop and put your email address at

3) You can redeem your points (as much as you want) when you shop at

4) Each point worth $1

When will I receive my books after I have made payment?

You will receive your books within one month but it varies on where you live. Usually, it takes about approximately 2 weeks. However, some US shipment may take about one month.

What is the review/comment section at GoldenMyanmar?

This section is similar to "Forum" that you may have used to discuss. In GoldenMyanmar, you can discuss on a specific movie or Karaoke books. The only difference in ShweMyanar is that you do not need to reply to someone's comment. You just need to say whatever you want to say. You can also write in Burglish (use english character to get Burmese sound). Your email address will not be displayed. Only your name will be displayed.
Remember any visitor can see your comments/reviews.

What is Wish List in

WishList system in is similar to adding to your shopping cart but it is not the same as Shopping Cart. The differences are

1) since it is not the same as Shopping cart, you can not directly check out the items from your Wish List. You must first transfer from your wishlist to shopping cart. To do that, you have to open your wish list items and check on the ones you want to add to your shopping cart and then click on "add to cart"

2) you can add out-of-stock items to your wishlist. The system will keep until you delete them.

3) you can share your wish list items to your friends so that they can easily view and comment on your selected items.

Where are the books coming from?

We will ship all the books from Myanmar.

Is a credit card required to become a member?

NO. The membership application requests will not ask your credit card information to become a member.

What are the benefits of membership?

•  You will be notified when GoldenMyanmar offers discounts and other promotions.
•  You don't need to type your personal information and shipping address every time you want to place an order.
•  You can write reviews for any books or other products, and News section.
•  You will be able to view the very recent titles in the catalog.

I live in outside of the United States. Can GoldenMyanmar ship my order?

Yes. We accept all the orders from all over the world. However, the delivery time may vary depends on your destination.

How much does it cost for shipping?

We offer "Flat Rate Shipping (Only $1.99) " for each order. There is no minimum amount limit for an order. Only the flat rate shpping charge will apply to each order. To get more information about shipping please see Shipping and return Policy

How does GoldenMyanmar categorize Myanmar Books?

GoldenMyanmar try to categorize as much as we can to make our customers easier to search. However, we do not gurantee some books which could belong to more than one category.

What is the easiest way to find a specific book in GoldenMyanmar?

GoldenMyanmar Search box is the quickest way to find what you want. You can also narrow down your query (search) by Author, the date we updated, model numbers, and Book Title (alphabatically). There are some tips to find quickly the one you are looking for.

1) If you go to a category, you will see all the authors' in the drop-down box (at the top left side under "My Account"). Those authors wrote the books in that category only. If you know an author name but you do not know where is book is, please check in the another drop-down author list which is in the left side and below our categories list.

2) The date we updated list is simple. You can just click on "What's new" button at the top. All the books will be displayed by the date we updated.

3) To search by model number is an easy way to find our new books in each category. Just click on "Model" when you are in the category. Then you will immediately see "+" sign next to "Model". If you click again, you will see "-" sign. The "+" is to sort by "lowest model number" to the highest. In other word, it sorts in "Ascending Order". The "-" sign is opposite way.

4) Book title sorting is the default way of sorting system It is same methodology as Model number. If you click again, you will see "+" and then "-". This is good if you know the book title.

What is Return and Exchange policy at GoldenMyanmar?

GoldenMyanmar will not refund your purchase of any order or books if you have already received. We will not replace with any book that you already agree to buy. If you see a mistake after you place an order, please email us as soon as possible. Using "Contact Us" email is the best way because your email will be re-directed to the appropriate person. You can read more information at Shipping and Returns

Is shopping on secure?

Yes. Shopping on is secure. Your credit card is safe on our site because your personal information (name, address, and credit card information) you entered will be stored in our third party secure site, This means GoldenMyanmar does not handle your private information.

What are the payments methods?

We accept all credit cards via paypal, paypal transfer, money order and personal check

Why do I need to give my phone number to place an order?

The phone number is just to aid in resolving delivery problems.

When will my order arrive?

Most orders arrive within two weeks. Some orders may take up to a month. So please be patient since all orders are shipped by Myanmar Postal Office

Do I have to enter my credit card numbers every time I place an order?

Yes you have to enter your credit card number in paypal every time you place an order since paypal does not save your credit card number unless you have an account with paypal.

What is the "Updated" or "latest updates" means?

Please do not confuse with "Updated" and "What's New". These are totally different meaning. "Updated" means if we edit something (such as quantity, name, price, etc.) to a book, that book will show up at the top list of "updated" list but those are not New books we added.

I forgot my username or password. How can I retrieve that information?

Your user name is the email address that you supplied upon log in.
Do the following steps if you forget the password
1) click on the “Forgot Password” link on the log in page
2) Click on "Continue"
3) Check your email (You will see a temporary password in your email box).
4) Log in again with your email address and the temporary password.
5) After you can log on with your temporary password, go to "My Account" and change the password to your own password.

What if I don't receive confirmation email after I have ordered?

You must receive an order confirmation email from GoldenMyanmar once you have placed your order successfully. If you do not receive the confirmation email from GoldenMyanmar within 1 hours, please contact us immediately at so that we can process your order as soon as possible.

Why do the items in my shopping cart disappear if I accidentally close my browser?

To be safe, you should log in every time you visit to since you are already a GoldenMyanmar Customer. If you do not log on, our system will not save your selected items. If you do not log on and add some items, our server stores your data only temporarily.

Why does my confirmation email show a “Low-order-Fee” although my order is more than $14.99?

We set up a free shipping promotion program for all orders. However, we have to charge for "low-order-fee" to cover our actual shipping cost if your total amount is less than $14.99. Shipping cost is about the same for each package even though there is only less than 1lb of weight in your package. We calculate shipping charges depends on the weight of each book. Therefore, to cover our shipping cost and minimum credit card transaction fee, we have to charge $1.99. Remember, all shipping policies are subject to change by GoldenMyanmar without any notice.

Can I cancel the order I have made?

No you can't. To provide better service, we process your order as soon as we receive your payment. If you notice your mistake right after you completed order process, please email to immediately. If we already shipped your order, there is no way to get them back. To avoid any confusion between GoldenMyanmar and our valued customers, we do not provide cancellation and we urge you to pay attention before you purchase from us.

Can I add or remove any items before I click on “confirm” in checkout process without going back to the main page?

Yes, you can. You can add/remove any items in your shopping cart before you click on “confirm order” You can also update quantity, shipping address, and address change.

What address should I enter if I choose credit card payment?

You can provide us any address you wish to ship but you have to provide your correct billing address in credit card number entry page. We do not store your credit information or billing address information. The entire credit payment is provided by a very secure and successful online payments company,

What if I type wrong address?

If you make a mistake in your address box, you have to notify us immediately (within 2 hours). However, GoldenMyanmar will not refund for your fault if we have shipped out your order. You have full responsibility to provide your correct address.

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